These are the Doctor Who shoes I painted! Inspired by the 11th Doctor and the 10th Doctor.

I made them to wear for my birthday, which is the day before Season 8 starts. They’re my party shoes for the day of, too!

Honestly could I pay you to make a pair of these?



same, kid, same




A Softer World: 1120
(just another exploit)
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… damn.


A Softer World: 1120

(just another exploit)

buy this print

… damn.

One aspect of maturity both of the individual and of the culture within which a style arises consists then in the willingness to forgo immediate, and perhaps lesser, gratification

Leonard B. Meyer - 

Music, the Arts, and Ideas: Patterns and Predictions in Twentieth-Century

to say that there is /less/ racism 50 years ago than now is false.[i'm going to focus on US racism] yeah black people can vote, yeah other POC can come to this country and live their lives, yeah there is inter-racial mixing, but just because we can mingle and make babies and vote doesn't mean that there is /less/ racism. there are so many problems we don't talk about[stereotypes]. racism is alive and well. we have to understand our differences to see it, potentially, lessen.


I’m gonna go out on a limb and say that any activist who was alive in 1964 who heard you say that their hard work to integrate schools, to allow interracial marriage, to allow black people to use the same bathrooms as white people, to secure rights for people of color in the United States has resulted in absolutely no progress would have a pretty hard time not hitting you in the face. 

My mom lived in Birmingham 50 years ago where a church was bombed by white supremacists fighting against civil rights and integration resulting in the deaths of four young girls. She has fought for HER WHOLE LIFE against the racism that she was raised inside. She fought it in herself and she fought it in her world and if your wrongness was not so infuriating I wouldn’t be taking the time to respond to it.

Yes, there is still racism, but in 1964 racism wasn’t a character flaw, it was public policy. The depth of the hatred and bigotry that allowed that to occur is far more intense than anything we deal with in America today.

And yes, we’ve still got a long way to go, and we need to keep fighting for equality in America and everywhere. But just because racism still exists doesn’t mean we haven’t made huge amounts of progress.


 Day 151: X-Men - Days of Future Past

So I’m actually in Seattle scouting apartments and neighborhoods for my big move so I didn’t have a chance to write a review today. But lucky for all of YOU I get to share with you one of my favorite blogs. Michael Vincent Bramley is a very talented writer with a lot of interesting things to say about everything from comic books to movies, television, and human nature. His review of the new X-Men is not only good enough to be on our site, it’s a step up in quality over what we’ve so far been able to produce.

What he has to say about this new film is EXACTLY what I feared would happen as the frankly excellent and fresh X-Men: First Class crew got mashed up with the stale-even-in-2008 original X-Men. First Class showed SO MUCH promise that even taking the original movie series several steps up could basically only dilute the possibility of this new and beautiful brand.

Sony and Fox have made some terrible decisions with the few Marvel properties not yet re-purchased by the Marvel studios brand. First Class and the Amazing Spiderman got me super excited that maybe by the sheer act of raising the level of comic book movie discourse the Marvel Cinematic Universe would have a trickle down quality effect on all the other comic movies we get from here on in. So I was excited but ultimately worried that blending the awesome new First Class with the older, more shameful X-Men crew would lower the bar; which it appears to have done. Either way Michael’s review is totally worth the read and I promise you that by the end, if you haven’t seen the movie, you’ll still be as excited to see it as I am.



I’m privileged to live in an age where I can grade a comic book movie 7/10 and still call it a disappointment. I get that. I almost feel like apologizing to directors for the fact that I’d be more forgiving of their movie’s flaws if they’d been released before 2008. The latest X-Men movie is…